Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services

The Best Email Marketing is Targeted and Personalized.

Sending the same email to your entire list is not going to have great results, just like posting the same message to all your social media channels is not the most effective practice. Ideally, the content should be customized and tailored based on where your users are in the sales channel, how they have engaged with your company, and the preferences they select on your email signup forms. E Catalog’s email marketing solution includes a number of such parameters that you can integrate into your email templates to achieve a highly segmented experience for your recipients.

Why E-Catalog Solution Works for Email Marketing

Additional email marketing tools and support you’ll get when you sign up for E Catalog include:

Scalability – Our technology can handle your email marketing needs, whether that is 100 emails or 10 million. Even better, you can divide each type of email subscribers and create separate campaigns for subscriber groups to build a positive reputation and achieve personalization.

Personalization – From the look of your emails to the content they contain, our Dynamic Content team can help you personalize email campaigns for each subscriber groups and individuals.

Email support – Every customer can contact our dedicated customer service team for content modifications, questions, troubleshooting, and more.

Deliverability – Before your message is even created, you will need a strong mailing list. We can take in your mail lists and upload it to seamlessly to send email across your customers from various sources.

Analytics – It is critical that your email marketing software provides real-time updates on how your emails campaigns perform. That is the only way you will be able to understand which types of email marketing campaigns are working best for you. See opens, clicks, performance by mailbox provider, device types, locations and more with our email marketing solution.

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