Google Ads Management Services

Whether you are a local business, a service provider/distributor or anything in between, our Lead Generation PPC Packages are the best fit for you if your business is based on creating leads through your website. We are one of the top PPC organizations as we have years of experience managing campaigns in the US, UK, Canada and India. Our qualified PPC experts can get you right in front of the crowd at that exact moment, no matter what part of the world they are!

Management from a
Google Ads Partner

The Google Partner status badge must be earned. Our advertisement attitude is simple: to increase the quantity of quality traffic driven to your website. Our paid search practices are responsive to the constantly changing digital world and to the needs of our clients. Using personalized keyword lists, creative ad design and placement, and a keen understanding of the buyer helps our organization to significantly increase search coverage and drive targeted lead opportunities at a lower cost.

Google Ads Management Services
Google Analytics

See Your Visitors
Anywhere, Anytime

At E Catalog Solution you have full control over your Analytics Dashboard. And to make reading them easier, a monthly report of your progress will be sent showing all the movement that has been generated. We like to simplify terminologies for you and strive in giving direct, clear performance.

The Google Ads Account
is all yours

One of the best things that makes E Catalog Solution a successful PPC organization and distinguishes us from other digital marketing companies is we always share your google Ad word’s account with you. Whether you are moving to us with an established Google Ads account or we are creating a new one for you, you will carry all of our credentials/access with you if you decide to leave.

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PPC Management

Your account Managed By
Real People

One reason our customers consider us one of the best PPC companies is because each one of our customers has real people behind them, not just apps. Your account manager and Paid Search expert will create the perfect plan and execution team to ensure that we set goals and execute the strategy that will contribute to your success.

Our Optimization Procedures

We carry out multiple tasks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to make sure your campaign is on the right track.

PPC Management
Bid Optimization

Daily bid optimization to ensure maximum ROI for your campaign along with optimizing the bids for the best hours of the day to get maximum exposure.

PPC Management
Negative Keywords

Prompt identification and removal of harmful keywords along with the addition of positive keywords that yield more leads.

PPC Management
Landing Page Creation/Optimization

Creating result driven landing pages & optimizing them to increase conversion rates and advertising ROI.

Google Ads PPC Management
Google Support

One of the many perks of being a Google Certified agency is that we can directly speak with Google on your behalf if your account has issues.

Google Ads PPC Management
Google Ads PPC Management
Conversion Setup

Conversion tracking code setup to help you make more profitable advertising decisions.

Google Ads PPC Management
Competitor & Trend Analysis

Keeping an eye on your competitors and all the current trends to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Google Ads PPC Management
Detecting False Clicks

Determining whether clicks are legitimate or harmful and taking the necessary action to avoid multiple unprofitable clicks.

Best Budget Utilization

The best utilization of a campaign budget to get the most out of it on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis

Account/Campaign Audit

Get a detailed report of your account or campaigns' flaws & opportunities to improve your performance.